Vybz Kartel Sex Tape Leaked!!! Plus Konshens & Raine Seville finally speaks SEX!!!

Hot pic, girl licks, finger pics, panty tune hits .. lol check it out

So this pic was on numerous website stating that a sex tape of Konshens and Raine Seville was leaked. This had people riled up asking where his baby mama was and how dem artiste yah tan so mek as dem buss dem figet and start hide dem woman. Well Konshens wasn't even naked, his pants wasn't even unzipped, so of course we didn't report it because we ain't that stupid.  

However we did believe that it was a publicity stunt in lieu of some new song to be released.  But both were tightlipped leaving everyone to speculate are they? aren't they? Until finally 'Sekkle Dung' was published on YouTube on March 21.  

This song is very naked and Konshens is still shocking us with his new in your face persona; that people are asking "Is he the next Vybz Kartel?" Of course dats a far stretch but we see the similarity based on the 'Romping Shop' XXX Rated photos that came out catapulting that song as one of Spice & Vybz Kartel fastest crossover international hit. Even Neyo started hating because they did steal his Miss Independent riddim and they sure owned that ish.

Speaking of Vybz Kartel

Well it seems 2013 is not without its share of Vybz Kartel news!  Just when we thought he was going to pipe down and stay out the spotlight for a minute; atleast until he got bail.  A sex tape of himself and Lola from his hit reality show Teacha's Pet was released/ leaked/ whatever! Its supposedly out for your viewing pleasure on porn sites and DVD right now.  When his camp was contacted, they confirmed it by stating that its old news to them so maybe somebody just decide to use it now.  Well Kartel is no stranger to raunchiness as the infamous pic of Lisa Hyper swiping a penis was allegedly Kartel's.  

Don't believe us? Well Look at the setting of the rooms in the still picture below and the featured video and you be the judge.  Even Kartel jeers us by saying if the room nuh look familiar in a 2010 video....(Ooopps can't find that video so check out this link as a make-up...while we search for that video confirmation of him in bed with a young lady pointing out the room as the romping shop). http://hypelife.tv/vybz-kartel-teachaz-pet-lola-mac-porn-tape-18-and-older-view/

White girl grounds up Usain Bolt 

So this picture was released all over the web recently of a fan/foe with the spread legs sign all around di athlete lips.  Lawdy lawdy lawdy camera's these days. So we'll just say "she was throwing up a peace sign Bolt was doing his rightful duties by just taking a pic and the camera angle caught them in a compromising position OR maybe as it is often the sneaky ways of that skin coloring when it comes to famous black athletes to trick the poor unsuspecting fools". She probably threw that sign up (in under 9.69sec) just as the photographer said cheese and poor Bolt didn't realize what the lightening flash of the camera took. Laughing My Fvcking Ass Off!!!!

#L2PJA Spring Artiste Selection

So we didn't feature any newbie last week so here is our very own Ke-Don giving us Sex Ed 101.  Follow him on twit twit twitter @1kedon as he will be dropping new music this year.  We can't wait!!!

A few of #L2PJA favorite tek off you panty tunes!!!

In other need to know suss....

Busy Signal axe Shane Brown as his manager as he wants more control of the business side of his career.  His brother is slated to take up that roll ousting Brown who have been loyal to the artiste since 2007.  Shane Brown heads Juke Boxx records and will still be doing the event booking for the artiste.  BUT the way he heard about it was sad though he got a call from the brother who was going to replace him and was told of the new arrangement over the phone.  Brown was very supportive during Signals incarceration and handled his career very professionally hence this is a great shock to most of us. They insist however that there is no badblood or ill will over the decision. (WELL OKAY THEN IF THEY BELIEVE THAT!!!)